Royal jelly is a viscous biological substance produced by worker bees and used as the only food of the queen bee from her birth to her death. It is light yellow and tastes sour and caustic. It is altered by high temperature, contact with metallic objects and exposure to light and air. Its composition includes numerous vitamins (mainly B complex), minerals, sugars, lipids and amino acids.

Royal jelly is a product of great biological value for the human body, with an extremely positive effect on metabolism, growth, psychosomatic health and longevity. It renews physical and mental abilities, stimulates memory, increases stamina and sexual activity, favors fertility, helps children growth, improves the physical condition of sportspeople, and revitalizes both stressed and troubled systems, as well as the elderly. It also has exceptional results against anxiety, neurological disorders and menopausal symptoms.

In addition, according to international scientific literature, it has been found that royal jelly offers considerable help in several pathological situations. This fact is attributed to the general balancing of the system that it creates, as well as to the strengthening of its natural resistance against external insults and internal abnormalities. Neither side effects nor addiction to its use have been identified, nor are there any contraindications even when it comes to very young people. The fresher and better-preserved the royal jelly is, the more intact its beneficial properties are sustained.

USE: With the half-gram (½) metering spoon, you get the right amount of royal jelly every day, 10 minutes before breakfast. It is swallowed with some water or, for faster absorption, it is placed under the tongue. If you find its taste disturbing, you can mix it with some honey. After each use, rinse and wipe the metering spoon and close the vial well. Store in the refrigerator (not in the freezer compartment).

DOSAGE: Children: ½ g | Adults: ½ to 1 g | Sportspeople: 1 to 2 g

Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage. Overdose may cause rapid or over-stimulation. If you suffer from severe respiratory problems, consult your doctor prior to consuming it.

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