For many centuries, honey has been the most renown and beloved sweet taste source for human beings. But even nowadays, despite the science advances in the sources of sweetness that have grown considerably, honey is still the sweetest and, most importantly, the safest sweetener!

Bees bring nectar and succulent juices from the flowers to the hive and after a complicated physicochemical process they produce honey. Honey takes its special name, depending on its main botanical origin (thyme, fir, pine, flower, etc.).

Honey contains carbohydrates (fructose, dextrose, sucrose), organic acids, proteins, amino acids, minerals, enzymes, dyes, aromatics and vitamins. It is a fresh food full of bio-energy, so its contribution to both nutritional and human health is incomparable. As a type of food, it satisfies immediate (but also delicious) needs, thanks to its high content of sugars that are rapidly absorbed by the body, and helps people overwhelmed by physical and mental work, children, elderly, recovery patients, pregnant women and others. As a natural remedy, thanks to its low pH and high hydrogen peroxide content, it effectively addresses a wide range of pathological microorganisms, thus contributing significantly to the prevention and treatment of many diseases. It also has excellent antioxidant, nutritive, softening and healing properties, valuable to skin health. Of course, its contribution to the health of respiratory, muscular and digestive system is remarkable.

MACROVITA honey comes mainly from Arta, Arcadia and Crete. Produced by beekeepers' associates with traditional methods, according to strict production, collection and quality standards. There is absolutely no treatment other than mechanical cleaning and packaging to preserve all its beneficial properties intact. It includes the basic varieties of Greek honey (thyme, flower, fir, orange, thyme-flower and pine). In some seasons, if the weather conditions allow it, there may still be chestnut-fir and flower-heather honey.

USE – DOSAGE: It is widely known that honey does not have a specific use or a defined dosage. You can consume it as is or use it in food and sweets. You can also mix it with other bee derivatives for dietary use, add it to cosmetics or apply it to body areas in need. You should not give honey to children under the age of one year. Avoid consuming it or consult your doctor if you suffer from diabetes, severe allergies, digestive intolerances and serious health problems.

Crystallization is a natural property of untreated honey, since the natural form of sugars is crystalline. To return to its desired liquid viscous form, place the jar open in water at a temperature of up to 40 °C, stirring intermittently.

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